Mexico Travel Guide: Things to Do in Cabo



Cabo San Lucas used to be a quiet fishing village at the very tip of Baja California. Now it has blossomed into one of the world’s most famous spots for celebrity sightings, scenic spots, sunning, snorkeling, and of course, an exciting night life. Cabo and its surrounding areas are full of fun things to do for people of all ages and the various tours to nearby attractions will make sure that you have an incredible vacation.

Fishing and golf are two of the top attractions in Cabo, but it is also well known for its restaurants and top rated spas. Whether you prefer a leisurely Cabo vacation strolling through its shopping malls and tanning on the beach, or a more adventurous one with zip line tours and ATV rides, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Here are some of the most famous spots that you should not miss when you are in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Wabo – A must-see for anyone who is to party Cabo Wabo is a massive complex with big bars and stages for band performances, sometimes with its owner, Sammy Hagar himself. Located in the heart of the downtown area on Calle Guerrero, Cabo Wabo is considered as one of the best nightclubs in the city. However, the club is geared toward a slightly older crowd. If you are looking for a great atmosphere with live music, Cabo Wabo is the place to be.

Todos Santos – If you are staying in Cabo for more than a few days, try heading north to the sleepy town of Todos Santos, home of the famous Hotel California, Cafe Santa Fe and Caffe Todos Santos. The town is quaint, artsy and new age, the exact opposite of Cabo. Todos Santos is also a surfer’s haven. With well known beaches like La Pastora, Playa Pescadero and Cerritos, you would not regret trying your board on these waves. If you need to recharge your batteries, visit Todos Santos to relax for a day or overnight before heading south again to the bustle and crazed nightlife of Cabo. You can also learn more about Cabo by checking out the post at

El Arco – For something stately, head out to Cabo’s most famous natural feature, the Arch. This natural arch is considered as Cabo’s most famous landmark. It is only accesible by boat so you can either go on a sightseeing tour or rent a kayak and paddle out there. El Arco is part of a rock formation known as the Three Friars, which make up the peninsula’s southern tip, Land’s End. Near the arch is a colony of sea lions, especially along the Los Frailes rock formation. It is an excellent spot for couples looking for somewhere romantic to see the sunset. Check out also the Riviera Maya.


Things To Do In Mexico



There are a lot of places where one can go to in order to enjoy to Mexico, as Mexico is also a place where a lot of people would want to go to. The parties and the food in Mexico are great and delicious that is why it is a place that is also very popular to a lot of people. It is important that we are also able to enjoy our stay in Mexico that is why it would be great if we could have someone to guide us when we go to Mexico especially if it is our first time in travelling to Mexico.

There are a lot of travel tours that are servicing people who would want to have a vacation to Mexico and you would surely be able to see all the best places to go to in going to these tours. You would be able to see a lot of wonderful views and go to all the best parties that are in Mexico. There are a lot of wonderful and popular places in Mexico and it would be great if you are also able to enjoy all of these beaches as it would surely add a lot of memories of happiness to your life. Check out the different Riviera Maya Activities.

A vacation to Mexico would also be much better if you would have a lot of people that are close with you to go to the trip. It would be best if you could bring your family or your closest friends as they would also be able to add a lot more fun to your trip to Mexico. Going to all of the wild and exciting parties in Mexico would be much fun with a group as you would be able to enjoy together. It is important that you should also be able to know what to do in Mexico and you may also be able to research all of them on the internet. For more facts and info regarding Mexico, you can go to

The internet would surely contain all of the most popular and enjoyable destinations that you could go to in Mexico and it would also give you a lot of information that you would need. It is not that expensive to go to Mexico that is why there are also a lot of people who would want to go to the country as they are able to find it affordable yet they are still able to get a lot of fun. Check out if you have questions.

Visiting Mexico: Safety Concerns During a Holiday



A lot has been said about the safety conditions of Mexico. You can try asking around and you will be seeing a lot of information. The truth is at least 20 million people visited Mexico last year and millions more visit every year. There are plenty of Mexico tours being sold by travel agents on the Internet and that alone is a huge indicator the tourism industry is booming. We have to agree safety concerns are like a veil hanging over the country. We need to take a look at the concerns to see whether a trip to Mexico is all worth it.

We have to understand not all media reports are truly accurate. We fail to see some of the trouble happen away the city centers. It is fairly peaceful in the urban areas. Like any urban area, Mexico’s urban centers are also having problems. But being smart and clever can help you a lot. You need to be clever enough to find out how you can be safe when you travel to the cities in Mexico. Also, you can learn additional information how to roam the streets in Mexican cities by gaining more information you can find on the Internet and with the advice from the State department. Check out the different Cabo San Lucas Activities.

Make sure you are not bringing a lot of valuable outside. It is best to deposit jewelry or any of your stuff in the hotel’s safety deposit box. Having expensive things and wearing expensive jewelry can be a magnet for thieves. The more you play down things the less the chances of being mugged or victimized. The key here is to enjoy and not much to flaunt what you have. Make sure you have a cheap camera for the shots and avoid using expensive DSLRs which may be attractive to the elements roaming around. To learn more about Mexico, you can visit

Being in a country outside your own should be a struggle especially if you are around people with a different kind of culture. The key here is to know the local culture and understand it. This way you will be able to align yourselves with them and be able to parry any attempts on your part to offend them.

Visiting Mexico can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in a lifetime. Make sure you understand and be able to get all the help you need before you embark on the journey. It would help to have information from your travel agent about how you can make your Mexico tours truly a great and enjoyable one.